Seven Mile Beach


Located on the western coast of Grand Cayman Island is the crescent of coral-sand Seven Mile Beach. Dubbed as the best beach in the Caribbean by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine, the beach is known for its natural beauty. Seven Mile Beach is a top tourist destination in the Caribbean. The length of the beach has its share of luxury hotels and resorts and since it is a public beach, anyone can stroll about the whole length of the beach without much concern as to where he is staying.

Seven Miles Beach is not 7 miles long. It is actually about 6.3 miles long but the realistic length of coral-sand beach is an even 6 miles. The beach front is the most developed area in Grand Cayman but the 2004 hurricane that devastated the territory damaged the infrastructure in and near the beach. Today, remnants of the terrible hurricane are gone.

Hotel and resort restaurants are open to the public. There are various public beach bars that dot the length of the beach. There are eating spots wherein guests could try their hands on the grill as they cook a dish. Pets are allowed on the beach whereas nudity is not.

Fun water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving and parasailing are offered to the whole family. Off the shore are some small reefs for shallow diving and snorkeling. Guests of every age and “fun level” will find it enjoyable to picnic under the trees fronting the sea. The more adventurous could rent a wave runner and relish the joy and excitement of being out on the sea. Beach volleyball is a serious beach sport. Guests can play with the locals but beware! The locals are brilliant players!

A short boat ride will take guests to Stingray City where friendly stingrays await to be fed and petted visitors. Down south of the beach is Cayman Islands’ capital George Town. On the northern end of the beach are the turtle farm and the infamous black limestone formation called Hell. There are excellent turtle-shell trinkets sold in the area but these items are considered illegal in most western countries.

After a long day in the beach, one can just lounge by the cool beach sipping a Tortuga rum punch!